Effaclar duo review – oily acne prone skin


Effaclar duo is said to help acne prone skin and fade the PIH left behind from the acne.

If you find that you skin regularly becomes clogged, or it is prone to blackheads and whiteheads, then this is the product for you no matter your age. It’s a wonderful single skincare solution for the many imperfections the skin can face throughout its life cycle.

What does Effaclar duo do?

It makes skin look clearer and smoother. Imperfection-prone skin is often the result of dead cells clogging up the skin surface, which obstruct the pores and cause a build up of bacteria. This shows up as spots, whiteheads or blackheads.

What does Effaclar duo contain that makes it so good?

Effaclar Duo combines four active ingredients: Niacinamide and Piroctone Olamine work together to purify the source of imperfections, whilst micro-exfoliating LHA and Linoleic Acid help to clear the skin of dead cells. This therefore reduces the amount of acne you experience.

My opinion

On my extremely oily skin this did not perform well, it was too rich and made my skin break out even more in whiteheads! At first I started using it morning and night but after I saw my skin react in a bad way I reduced it to once a day to see if this would help my skin tolerate it better. On top of this it did not help my pigmentation and only added to it due to the increase in acne.

I used this product for 2 months with no results and even further pigmentation occurred. I find that no product controls my oils perfectly so this didn’t help much.

This product has a good concept but just didn’t work well for me.

You can buy it from boots, superdrug, supermarkets and online in the UK. Further research will be needed in other countries to find out where to buy from.







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