Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser And Polish Review (Rose and Cedrat limited edition m)

So the other day I got this cleanser and oh my blooming heck it is amazing. I still have oily ugly acne ridden scared skin don’t get me wrong but it feels softer a smoother and just looks brighter in general.
For this 150ml limited edition cleanser as well as the normal 100ml cleanser it cost Β£29 and 4 muslin cloths, I am so glad I got it.

The smell

The smell isn’t quite what I was expecting. When I think of rose I think of a very strong nose burning coma inducing scent but this turned out to be very light and fresh.


The texture is very creamy as expected but a weird mix of light and heavy? Sometimes I just have to think to myself and wonder what I am doing with my life because this makes no sense whatsoever.

How to use it

This stuff also has the power to remove every single little last speck of makeup on your face without even using a makeup remover beforehand! I tend to double cleanse because I’m a freak like that but there honestly is no need to.

How I use it:

To use this cleanser you need to apply it to dry skin as water and oil do not mix therefore nothing good would actually happen if you applied it to wet skin!

I will usually then massage it in and hope that all my scars will be gone in the morning but that never happens. I will usually rub it in for about 2 minutes or until I remember that I have better stuff to do with my life.

I will then place my muslin cloth in hot water and wring it and start to buff my skin. This really helps to eliminate any dry skin that I may have (haha you wish you oily mofo).

I will usually then rinse my face with a bit of water just to really get all the dirt off and boom! You are left with squeaky (not literally) glowy skin!

Due to my acne treatment I find my skin prone to dry flaky patches especially around my eyes but this has really soothed it and not made my already extremely oily skin worse. And when I say oily I mean super oily. Within 30 minutes of washing my face and doing my whole skincare routine if i touch my face a layer of oil will be left on my finger. On the plus side at least my wrinkles will be delayed!

This product can be brought from boots, Liz Earle or whatever store you have in your country.

For any more questions on this product and/or the original feel free to write a comment!



6 thoughts on “Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser And Polish Review (Rose and Cedrat limited edition m)

    • priestxnatasha says:

      I actually have very oily skin and this hasn’t broken me out at all! It contains lots of good things for your skin and due to the oil (like attracts like) it kind of brings out the impurities but this just makes your skin better in the long run! Definitely keep it in mind, you never know, you might like it! Thanks for checking out my blog xx

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