Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Review – Oily Acne Prone Skin

This product is quite an new buy of mine, I brought it probably about 5 months ago and I wouldn’t say it’s a favourite but it’s something I use because it’s a powder and a good colour for me.

Shade range

The shade range is amazing, I got the shade c40 which is a yellow olive tan colour, I must say it could do with some more yellow but I can still make it work. Mac has a range of different letters that indicate the undertone.

Nc – neutral cool – warm undertone

Nw – neutral warm – cool undertone

C – deep yellow

W – deep pink

Along with these letters different numbers correspond with the different skin tones.

10-20 – fair 

20-30 – medium

30-40 – warm tan

40-50 – tan dark

50-55 – deep dark


The coverage for this is insane for a powder foundation, it covers everything up and gives a flawless base. It is a powdery base though so a setting spray is needed if you don’t like that kind of finish.

How it wears throughout the day 

To me this is the most disappointing part.  It transfers so easily once your skin gets oily (1 hour sadly) nor does it really control my oils. I hear so many people rave about how it’s amazing for their oily skin but for me it just didn’t hold up even with powder and setting spray for longer than 4 hours, to be fair this is a lot better than my usual 2 but was expecting better for a powder foundation.

Buy Here UK
Buy Here USA
I hope you enjoyed my review 🙂 if you have any recommendations of foundations for oily skin please let me know.



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