Elegant Touch Totally Bare Stiletto Nail Review

So the other day I was strolling around boots when I saw these, me being the impulsive person I am I brought them. It’s a good thing I really like them!

What’s in the box?

Inside the box you will find

  • The nails of course – you get 48 nails with 10 different sizes
  • Nail glue 
  • Nail buffer/file
  • Instruction leaflet


As with all glue on nails you need a nice clean surface, cuticles pushed back and a rough nail surface which you will get by gently buffing the nail. For the most natural effect you should ensure that the nails fit properly, if one isn’t quite right then reshaping with a file will do you some good. Glue can either be applied to the false nail or your own nail – I prefer to apply it to the false nail. Hold it down tightly and then you’re done!

Here is what the back of the box says

And here are my nails afterwards!

I painted my nails with Barry M’s gelly nail polish in lychee. I have mixed feelings about this and it’s the perfect nude yet may be a tad bit too light for my skin tone. What do you think?


Lengthwise these are on the longer side but after a day or two you get used to them and you do grow to love them. If shorter nails are your thing then you could either file these down or purchase ones that say short length.

Here is the Link to the ones I purchased and here are the Short style, they have a bunch of different styles so you’ll be sure to find ones you love!



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