Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Double Dare + Swatches

A few months ago I saw that debenhams was now selling Kat Von D’s products! As I got too excited I decided that I must buy multiple products, one of these products included this liquid lipstick in the shade double dare. 


The shade is called double dare, it’s a darkish hot pink colour that I imagine would look amazing on every skin tone imaginable. Here is a swatch.

Lasting Power

This has amazing staying power! It stayed on my lips after multiple spillings of food, drink and licking of my lips. The odd thing is, when I kissed the back of my hand it left a slight outline but I imagine that this could easily be resolved with a quick dusting of translucent powder! 


The texture of this liquid lipstick is rather weird if I’m totally honest. It has a very thin consistency which allows for easy and precise application and quickly dries into a thick hard to remove lipstick. It is very light on the lips just ensure you have plenty of makeup remover on hand! It is also very easily layered once some lipstick starts to wear away on your inner lips.

This is what it looks like with just one coat straight away, as you can see it is quite a light shade when it’s not completely dried, it also clings to any bumps in your dry neglected lips so bear that in mind as people may think you have chronically overlined your lips when it reality you are too lazy to apply lip balm and exfoliate them.

This is what it looks like once dry, I reckon I had this on for about 30 minutes as I applied my makeup after my liquid lipstick which was a weird way but I survived.

You can buy this liquid lipstick here from debenhams in the uk and here from the USA.

Thanks for stopping by! ❤️


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