Lunette Menstrual Cup Review – Cynthia

So today I will be reviewing the lunette cup in size 1, this is an unusual change as I usually review more makeup related products but I thought, hey! Why not, every woman gets a period so let’s break the bloody taboo (pun intended, credit to my amazing new stickers which I will be sticking everywhere).

I heard about menstrual cups probably about a year or two ago but never had I got one until a few days ago after I won the cup from an amazing giveaway on Facebook from Lunette. I will forever be grateful for this oppertunity so here is my review 🙂


The size of this cup is perfect and very comfy to wear, I wore it to bed last night and I didn’t even feel it. I have a low cervix and this gave me the perfect fit (minus the stem) but any bigger and it wouldn’t be comfy so keep this in mind.

Texture and strength

This cup has a medium/soft resistance, it is somewhat hard to pop open but I am a beginner so this may be the reason. It also has a good texture, not slippery but not too grippy that it will tug when inserted. 


At first I thought that I would love the punch down fold or the seven fold as they are smaller but I couldn’t get it in straight with these folds nor would they comfortably pop open. It turns out my favourite fold is the c fold, it’s rather large compared to even an ultra non applicator tampon but blood and discharge naturally lubricates the area therefore making it comfortable to insert.

The cup also comes with a pouch, it is very well made just like the cup itself.


This cup holds roughly around 20ml of fluid, personally for me on a heavy day this wouldn’t even last 2 hours so for me I will need to be in search for a higher capacity cup that is also quite short to ensure my cervix isn’t being squashed causing me to be even crampier than normal.

Do I reccomend this cup?

Yes! I reccomend all menstrual cups but this one specifically is wonderful and great for beginners.

This menstrual cup can be brought here in the UK for £22
This menstrual cup can be found here in the USA for $39.99
Thank you guys for reading and let’s break the taboo! ❤️


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