Essie Eternal Optimist Nail Polish Review

This is one of my all time favourite nail polishes, it’s a nude colour but it has a hint of dusty rose so this makes it all the more interesting! My favourite thing about it is the brush, the brush covers my nails perfectly and puts the perfect amount on to allow for the fastest drying time possible due to the thin coats. It also lasts for a long time and has a beautiful shine without any topcoat!

Here’s a link that you can buy it from 🙂 This is how you can buy it from the UK but there are other ways for different countries

I hope you enjoyed this quick read and I hope you have a happy new year 🖤


Lunette Menstrual Cup Review – Cynthia

So today I will be reviewing the lunette cup in size 1, this is an unusual change as I usually review more makeup related products but I thought, hey! Why not, every woman gets a period so let’s break the bloody taboo (pun intended, credit to my amazing new stickers which I will be sticking everywhere).

I heard about menstrual cups probably about a year or two ago but never had I got one until a few days ago after I won the cup from an amazing giveaway on Facebook from Lunette. I will forever be grateful for this oppertunity so here is my review 🙂


The size of this cup is perfect and very comfy to wear, I wore it to bed last night and I didn’t even feel it. I have a low cervix and this gave me the perfect fit (minus the stem) but any bigger and it wouldn’t be comfy so keep this in mind.

Texture and strength

This cup has a medium/soft resistance, it is somewhat hard to pop open but I am a beginner so this may be the reason. It also has a good texture, not slippery but not too grippy that it will tug when inserted. 


At first I thought that I would love the punch down fold or the seven fold as they are smaller but I couldn’t get it in straight with these folds nor would they comfortably pop open. It turns out my favourite fold is the c fold, it’s rather large compared to even an ultra non applicator tampon but blood and discharge naturally lubricates the area therefore making it comfortable to insert.

The cup also comes with a pouch, it is very well made just like the cup itself.


This cup holds roughly around 20ml of fluid, personally for me on a heavy day this wouldn’t even last 2 hours so for me I will need to be in search for a higher capacity cup that is also quite short to ensure my cervix isn’t being squashed causing me to be even crampier than normal.

Do I reccomend this cup?

Yes! I reccomend all menstrual cups but this one specifically is wonderful and great for beginners.

This menstrual cup can be brought here in the UK for £22
This menstrual cup can be found here in the USA for $39.99
Thank you guys for reading and let’s break the taboo! ❤️

Morphe Palette 35T Review + Swatches

For the longest of time I have been eyeing up these morphe palettes, they have the perfect shade collection and their colours always have the right amount of pigment to look beautiful on the eye. Here are the swatches starting from the first row going right and then I shall get into the review 🙂

Full palette (natural light)

Excuse some of the odd patches on certain colours, I used a bit of Mac fix+ for added oomph. This is the most accurate picture of the colours that I have seen so far, even though my ‘researching’ before buying it was a bit pants.

First row (natural light)

The swatches go left to right as the pallette does by the way 🙂

Second row (natural light)

Third row (natural light)

Forth row (natural light)

Fifth row (natural light)

Now onto the review 

These eye shadows are amazing for everyday as you really can build up the colour to make it as dramatic as you please or super light for every day wear. The pigment shows up really well but I do find that with the glitter eyeshadows you wont see anything unless you get a decent amount onto your brush and mist it with mac’s fix+ or other setting spray of you choice, this wont give you a subtle sheen in will give you a full opaque glitter layer that you’ll be able to see from space! This palette is also amazing for brown eyes (@me), the amount of compliments I get when wearing these eyeshadow’s is unreal.

Sorry for such a short review! Theres no really much to say because at the end of the day eyeshadows are eyeshadows, but one thing I can say is that if you are thinking about getting it then you should definitely go for it as there are many different colours so its well worth your money plus many different looks can be created!

Thank you for reading, it truly means a lot! If you liked it then please leave a like and comment and eel free to check out my other posts!

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Strawberry Blueberry Pavlova Recipe

So today I made my first pavlova and it is the best thing I’ve eaten ever – the crunchy sweet meringue mixed with the soft cream and tart berries. It’s everything the world needs! Here is my recipe – I changed it a little bit, actually a lot, I know how I like my meringue and everything so I guess you could say that this is an original recipe 😉 (I wish)

Ingredients :

For the meringue

6 free range eggs – any size preferably the largest if using mixed sizes

325g caster sugar

Pinch of sea salt

Splash of vinegar – any works

For the cream

600 ml double cream

1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract

5 tablespoons of caster sugar

For the sauce

2 handfuls of strawberries – frozen or fresh works

Lemon juice – half of 1 medium lemon

90g caster sugar


Any fruit can be used – just ensure that they will work well together, I used fresh and frozen strawberry and frozen blueberries as they are what I had on hand.

How to make this delicious dessert:

For the meringue:

  1. Preheat oven to 150 degrees celsius, since my oven is a fan oven I preheated it to 140.
  2. Put egg whites into a clean bowl and whisk until frothy, gradually add sugar, salt and vinegar and increase speed until firm peaks that stand up by themselves. 7-8 minutes of whisking should do this, if grainy the whisk for a little bit longer ensuring that the meringue doesn’t collapse.
  3. Line two large trays with baking paper and divide the meringue evenly between the two. Shape each one into circles the same shape and bake for about 1 hr, depending on the thickness of the meringue it could take longer or shorter.

For the sauce:

  1. Place all ingredients into a saucepan and allow sugar to dissolve before allowing it to gently boil. Gently mash up the strawberries and allow to cool.

For the cream

  1. Add everything into a bowl and whisk until softly whipped, it can go from perfect to butter like in no time so try to be careful or have some spare cream.

I got a bit excited and forgot to take a picture but here are the leftovers, you could also use canned whipped cream but you may need to buy a few.


  1. Place the meringue onto a flat surface, layer on cream, add some of the sauce, add some berries, add more cream if you like and then put on the second half of meringue. Add more cream to the top, add some sauce and add some more berries and voila! You are done and can dig in to your delicious dessert.

Bye guys! Hope you enjoy and if you make this let me know how yours turned out! Byee x

Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette Medium Review + Swatches

This is a product that I’ve been eyeing up for a while now, I got it over Christmas and if I’m completely honest I’m not the biggest fan of it.


The shades are too dark in my opinion even for my tan mix race skin. The contour shade, even with the lightest tap leaves a muddy look, the highlighter isn’t the best but it’s an alright product for the price and the bronzing powder aka ‘blush’ is far too orange especially when applied over foundation and glittery for it to look good on most people. 

These are the swatches and as you can see the highlighter is pretty pathetic but sometimes you’ve got to work with what you’ve got. 

Staying Power

I myself have very oily skin so was surprised to see that it stayed on for the whole day without much fading, if only the shades worked well for me then I would’ve loved it.


The quality of these isn’t the best, but it’s what you get for £10 if I’m honest, it doesn’t compare to higher end products but if you are just starting out and need to know what looks good then I reccomend this one!


Overall I would say that it’s a decent product for people who are just starting out in the makeup world and for people who the shades actually work well on, I imagine I would need to get the lightest one which makes no sense considering I am a c40/nc40 in Mac but I suppose different people like different things.For £10 you might as well try it, there are 3 different products and if it doesn’t work out for you then you could always give it to one of your girlfriends 🙂

Here is the link to buy it (UK)

Have a good day guys, this was one of my shorter reviews but more are in their way! ❤️

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Double Dare + Swatches

A few months ago I saw that debenhams was now selling Kat Von D’s products! As I got too excited I decided that I must buy multiple products, one of these products included this liquid lipstick in the shade double dare. 


The shade is called double dare, it’s a darkish hot pink colour that I imagine would look amazing on every skin tone imaginable. Here is a swatch.

Lasting Power

This has amazing staying power! It stayed on my lips after multiple spillings of food, drink and licking of my lips. The odd thing is, when I kissed the back of my hand it left a slight outline but I imagine that this could easily be resolved with a quick dusting of translucent powder! 


The texture of this liquid lipstick is rather weird if I’m totally honest. It has a very thin consistency which allows for easy and precise application and quickly dries into a thick hard to remove lipstick. It is very light on the lips just ensure you have plenty of makeup remover on hand! It is also very easily layered once some lipstick starts to wear away on your inner lips.

This is what it looks like with just one coat straight away, as you can see it is quite a light shade when it’s not completely dried, it also clings to any bumps in your dry neglected lips so bear that in mind as people may think you have chronically overlined your lips when it reality you are too lazy to apply lip balm and exfoliate them.

This is what it looks like once dry, I reckon I had this on for about 30 minutes as I applied my makeup after my liquid lipstick which was a weird way but I survived.

You can buy this liquid lipstick here from debenhams in the uk and here from the USA.

Thanks for stopping by! ❤️

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder – Oily Skin

This is something I brought a while ago so have had a while to test it out, my skin is extremely oily and although it’s annoying it’s something I’d definitely rather have than dry crinkly skin. 

My opinion on it

It’s certainly a good powder but I’m sure there’s better stuff out there. It keeps the oil at bay for a good few hours but when the oily come through it really comes through. The shades availiable are horrendous, although nice and yellow for us mixed girls there is not much for our darker girls which tends to be the problem in Britain. Using too much results in quite a pale face so caution should be used be luckily I get oily in the parts of my face that are ‘supposed’ to be highlighted so I guess I got lucky.

I chose the shade 55 out of the 4 amazing shades and this is what it looks like in natural lighting.

When I say yellow I mean neutral as this is rather pants compared to what could’ve been made.


The texture is to my surprise powdery! Never would have thought that. There’s not really much to it but it is a nice fine powder.


The. Smell. Is. Amazing. It has a lovely fruity scent and to be honest this is probably the only reason I still use it. The scent doesn’t linger though which is good. I probably wouldn’t reccomend this to people with sensitive skin just in case the fragrance is overpowering.

Here is the link to the Powder if you want to try it out, it’s nice and cheap so even if you don’t like it it won’t be much of a waste 🙂